Third Point

We work with FMCG Demand Supply from very granule levels to national levels like from every Thana, municipality towns, district towns, metropolitan cities to an aggregate national levels. We make bring the sales leads of all potential shop lists, prospective clients with their details contact, pictures. At the same we also furnish the demographic statistics of the specific area. Finally with our invented model we can predict the possible sales revenue from a specific area, town or a locality. We also communicate our solution through mobile apps and web based tools.

You can follow your clients everywhere – sitting at your Head Quarter or on go.

Our customized human resource and payroll solutions provide you a state of art solutions in the HR things that move your company forward. A complete service, co-employment model tailored to fit your requirement flexible HR administrative services ensure every tactical transactions of the function.

We help students, teachers and individual researchers to prepare their own research work. We provide assistance to translate, rewrite and ultimate publication of their research papers and make them readable for general people.

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