PhD from USA !!!

Foreign students who want to pursue higher studies or PhDs in abroad, most of them want to do it in the United States. The reputation of US education is not new. The United States is the first in the world, especially for higher education and higher studies in all areas of study. A student who wants to pursue a PhD in the United States can read the followings.

What are the things you need to come to USA for study?

In addition to the Honors Degree in the PhD program, you should get good marks in two exams – GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and Tofel (Test of English as Foreign Language). Apart from this, it is good to have some research experience. As well as the personal information, the Statement of Purpose relating to personal research, research and career planning, and a reminder letter from teachers.

Initial Qualifications for Apply: Either a GRE, Toffel or SAT is required as a pre-qualification. To apply for a Master’s and PhD degree, most of the universities are seeking Honors Degree from Bangladeshi University. However, some universities want a master’s degree. HSC degree is required to apply for a undergraduate degree. GRE and Tofel score are required for Masters and Ph.D.

• When and how to apply:

The US academic year is divided into three semesters. From August to December the fall semester, January to May spring semester and June to August are the summer semester. However, the maximum number of students is admitted during the fall semester. Therefore, when applying, one should give priority to the fall semester. Deadline to apply for admission for a semester is usually specified a few months before the admission. Important dates can be found on the University website containing the way for applying for admission.

Those looking for a higher degree outside should first be prepared for GRE and TOEFL tests, including other necessary subjects. The next step is to select the university according to your profile. You can find many useful information in this site,

  • You can also find help here:

Currently, Bangladeshi students living abroad have set up a number of platforms to provide free support to students interested in higher education. Being one of them Higher Study Abroad Bangladesh Chapter. (

Nextop USA ( etc.
When asked about any of these groups, it is advisable to briefly experience a specific subject and someone from the United States.

Advice for those who want to come to the United States for research:

First, academic results play a vital role in admission. So those who are still studying for Honors or Masters and are planning to come to the United States should give priority to academic results.

Second: Admissions and financial scholarships in the United States (mainly Teaching / Research Assistantship) depends heavily on good GRE and Tofel scores. Sometimes the results of the Honors and Masters are low, but a good GRE test score can cover it.

Third, some experiences can be tailored to the subject or thesis on the subject of higher research in the United States. Which will put the admission process in good research institute.

Happy fly to US!

PhD from USA !!!

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