Online star: Kim Kardashian

Let’s start with the statistics. There are around 11 million followers on Instagram, 10 million on Twitter, 2 million likes on her Facebook page, she is also involved in millions of such varied pages on Facebook. Altogether 20 million people follow her online. This is Kim Kardashian West. American reality show star and entrepreneur.

It is obvious that the hall would full when Kim Kardashian arrives in a session to talk. It was October 9 in Yerevan, the Armenian capital. It was the World Congress on Information Technology. Why is Kim in a technology conference? The answer was in the title of the session, ‘Marketplace of Ideas’. And Kim Kardashian was invited as an entrepreneur there. Until last June, Kim’s assets were estimated at $ 10 million. However, Kardashian does not own any of the conventional industries. Online, especially social media, made him the tech-star. She is involved with many cosmetics brands, and also has products in her own name. All of these ideas feature new entrepreneurs in the new era.

Love social media

No reason not to love that. Today Kim Kardashian is a star by the blessings of social media. So when she came on the stage of WCIT, she shook her hand and said ‘Hi’, the whole auditorium overwhelmed with hundreds of flash lights and thousands of claps. She was in a suit, a large golden locket with a necklace. It seems a golden aura appeared on the stage. She sat on one of the two sofas. Magdalena Yisil, author of the book How Smart Women Win the New Economy, will talk to Kim.

Magdalena wants to know how did she start the venture. ‘It’s not that easy. I can say, first of all, I started with the television reality show. In fact, the media has to come first. It can be any medium. I came to the television world. Then online. Originally on social media. The benefits have to be taken. I love social media. If you do something out of love then it results in a success,” said Kim Kardashian West. This place of love is the source of his income and fame.

Two hundred and a half franchises

Take a photo of a lipstick or eye shadow, tag Kims name and that will sell the product in the market. Not only the decoration products of others, but also the brand itself. Kim’s name with a franchise like two hundred and a half million franchises.

But she kept the technology initiative as the most successful. “The world of technology is a treasure trove of opportunities. I think making games was a very good decision for me. This game has taken me forward. ‘

The presenter asked her, before taking any initiative, did she do market research? Kim’s answer – not always. Doing market research, not all products can be successful. It is not easy to understand why people will buy something.

The numbers don’t matter

20 million followers. Millions of likes, millions of comments online – yet Kim Kardashian has no ‘Matter’. Emphasizes the emotion. Clearly, to create your own brand with passion. If there is no emotion, it will not work for any number of followers. 

Kim Kardashian opened a company called Scam. He showed off the decoration online. The task of the scam was to show the various ways of makeover. Here, her passion worked too.

Kim Kardashian, who came into the media world as a friend and stylist for Hollywood star Paris Hilton. He has been to the TV reality show in Paris till she was 25 years old. No success came. She and her sisters opened a cosmetics shop called Dash. Kim’s true success came with the television reality show. This has been happening for last 25 years. Then online gave her the fame.

Time for family

She loves Armenia flowers. The smell of these flowers has given Kim Kardashian’s an idea of a new product. But he did not say what it is, he laughed. Kim also says he loves Armenia. Meanwhile, a visitor in the visitor’s gallery said, “I love you Kim”. The roll of laughter flows throughout the auditorium, so was in Kim Kardashian’s eyes.

Like virtual world Kim Kardashian is very busy in the real world. She loves travelling. ‘When I return home, there is a huge crowd of journalists, photographers in front of my house. I try to keep my personal life as my own.” I want to spend my birthday with my family members. The actress, born in California, USA, completed 39 on October 21th. Whatever the case, the family deserves time. That’s what Kim Noel, the mother of four children, was saying. Another thing, ‘everyone has to protect privacy.’ We should respect others privacy the most.

Online star: Kim Kardashian

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